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Wax From the Martyr's Candle by JessenoSabaku Wax From the Martyr's Candle :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 11 4 Jenny by JessenoSabaku
Mature content
Jenny :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 0 3
Rose's Thorns by JessenoSabaku Rose's Thorns :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 2 0 A Night on the Town by JessenoSabaku A Night on the Town :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 2 0 It's Over, Isn't It? by JessenoSabaku It's Over, Isn't It? :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 3 2 Black Opal by JessenoSabaku Black Opal :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 5 3 Bright Gold Pearl by JessenoSabaku Bright Gold Pearl :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 4 2 Panic by JessenoSabaku Panic :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 1 0 Closer and Closer to Shounen by JessenoSabaku Closer and Closer to Shounen :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 6 7 Topaz by JessenoSabaku Topaz :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 4 0 Pineapple Quartz by JessenoSabaku Pineapple Quartz :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 4 0 Jaspagate - Fusion by JessenoSabaku Jaspagate - Fusion :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 4 1 Rainbow Moonstone - Gemsona by JessenoSabaku Rainbow Moonstone - Gemsona :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 12 2 Cyborg at Heart by JessenoSabaku Cyborg at Heart :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 8 1 Astral AU Usopp - Fan-art by JessenoSabaku Astral AU Usopp - Fan-art :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 9 3 Green Thumb by JessenoSabaku Green Thumb :iconjessenosabaku:JessenoSabaku 14 6


Mood: Clear. by UltraLiThematic Mood: Clear. :iconultralithematic:UltraLiThematic 1 0 Mood: Obscure by UltraLiThematic Mood: Obscure :iconultralithematic:UltraLiThematic 2 1 Doodles with Ink. by UltraLiThematic Doodles with Ink. :iconultralithematic:UltraLiThematic 2 1 Sky Is Over by NanoMortis Sky Is Over :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 1,358 22 Seiryu DA Red by anjeIIe Seiryu DA Red :iconanjeiie:anjeIIe 3 0 Seiryu - Blue by anjeIIe Seiryu - Blue :iconanjeiie:anjeIIe 4 0 The Magician  by Elisabethianna The Magician :iconelisabethianna:Elisabethianna 30 0 Horrorscope : Virgo / Sag by NanoMortis Horrorscope : Virgo / Sag :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 2,467 147 Quickdrawing: Heyyo~ by UltraLiThematic Quickdrawing: Heyyo~ :iconultralithematic:UltraLiThematic 5 4 One Everist Reaper. by UltraLiThematic
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One Everist Reaper. :iconultralithematic:UltraLiThematic 3 5
Oddity Art Dump 9 by MooseFroos Oddity Art Dump 9 :iconmoosefroos:MooseFroos 462 0 Happy Birthday Zoro by CodeNameZimbabwe Happy Birthday Zoro :iconcodenamezimbabwe:CodeNameZimbabwe 39 4 As Red as Blood by nati As Red as Blood :iconnati:nati 322 4 male(!)Iris by Elisabethianna male(!)Iris :iconelisabethianna:Elisabethianna 28 2 Yennefer  by Elisabethianna Yennefer :iconelisabethianna:Elisabethianna 45 2 Layers of Fear by bradykettle
Mature content
Layers of Fear :iconbradykettle:bradykettle 33 6


I think ten dollars would be a fair price. Especially considering it's hand-made. Though one thing I'd like to ask--is there any signif...

1. Nothing that I can think of should be added or tweaked. Perhaps in the first paragraph, a very very brief and still vague indication...


Wax From the Martyr's Candle
A piece I did a few months ago for my mom's boss. He had written an orchestral piece in commemoration of Saint Maximillian, who was martyred in a Nazi camp during the time of the holocaust. The violin melting like wax is meant to parallel how people burn candles in memory of saints, and for people who have passed on. The orchestral piece itself is one of many candles memorializing this saint.

Will probably update the image when I have one that's better resolution. I painted it with black ink. It's signed with my real name instead of my pseudonym.

Please let me know what you think. All feedback is appreciated.
An original drawing from a year ago of a character I made called Jenny. I had planned an entire arc for her and a series of pictures, but could never get up the motivation to finish. The final image in the sequence is currently a three-fourths completed work in progress so maybe at some point I'll be able to finish it. It's much cooler than this one. But I still like this one a lot too!

Jenny is an air-headed, well-meaning girl trying to have fun and live her life. The fact that she's missing a head can get in the way of that sometimes, but she never lets it get her down. Even the chickadees that she drips on like her.

Please tell me what you think. All feedback is appreciated.
Rose's Thorns
Another drawing from a year ago that I did when I was on that Pearl angst kick. This one was probably my favorite of the two I did. It looks much better in person, but I still liked the way it turned out. Was really hard not to smudge the whole thing!

Please let me know what you think. All feedback is appreciated.
A Night on the Town
Another really old drawing from last year. Someone on tumblr had requested Opal in a three-piece suit and, with her being my favorite fusion, I had to oblige. It was really fun to work on, but using colored pencils really killed my hands. I sold it as a small print at Kentokyocon but I did the formatting/sizing wrong so it looked like barf, haha.

Please let me know what you think. All feedback is appreciated.
It's Over, Isn't It?
I know I said I'm inactive right now, but I found a bunch of small drawings I forgot to post on here. One of them is this really old Pearl drawing, from around a year ago maybe, after I rewatched a bunch of Pearl & Rose episodes. One of the best parts of Pearl's character is how love twists her and her self-perceptions, and how she has to go the long way around to healing. Watching her learn from the mistakes she makes out of bitterness, self-doubt, and obsession have really resonated with me, and I drew this when I was having a tough time with a Rose Quartz in my own personal life. This was a very fast and messy piece, but still pretty, I think!

Please let me know what you think. All feedback is appreciated.
Tagged by UltraLiThematic. Thank yoooou! In the Shadows by Rasmus is indeed a good song.

1. You have to post ALL the RULES
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve of your own to tag other users to reply
3. Choose 12 victims to tag
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people
5. You can NOT say you don't do tags (just watch me)
6. Tag backs are TOTALLY ALLOWED
7. You must do in a journal entry
8. You don't have to do this if you don't want to.

Questions for Me:

1. Favorite toy as a kid?
I don't quite remember. Either it was this giant stuffed mouse I always carried around, or this Nutcracker edition Ken doll I played with so much until his jumpsuit warped and wouldn't go on over his ass anymore.

2. First memory of the internet?
Playing Neopets games while listening to the song "Mirror" by Barlow Girl off of a Naruto AMV. I may have been a '90s kid.

3. Did you use floppy disks?
No, but I saw my parents use them sometimes. By the time I started using the internet, CDs were already a thing. I still have a lot of educational PC game disks down in the basement somewhere.

4. Do you feel old or too young?
A little bit of both. I grew up being mentally older than my peers, and developed a bit of a superiority complex about it. Now that I'm finally over the two-decade hill, I'm realizing just how long life really is, and how much I have left to learn. I'm glad I came to the realization, but already very tired in the face of the journey ahead. I hope the coming years will revitalize me and teach me how to be a better, more sensible, more humble person.

5. Have you ever tried doing animations?
Very briefly. There was a software program in the early 2000s called ToonBoom that was given to me as a package deal with the Wacom Bamboo, the first drawing tablet I ever owned. I animated one project for an art class at school, but most of it was backgrounds my teacher had drawn to help me and only a tiny bit of animation done by myself. It was really bad, and I hadn't configured the tablet right, so pen pressure and all that was nonexistent. I couldn't use the tablet, and consequently couldn't use the animation program, so I dropped it and never picked it up again. Now, though, I might like to go back and try to learn how to use the Ghibli animation program, or just straight up do a small flip-book or something. Maybe someday if I ever have the time.

6. Favorite gif?

Of course it's a One Piece gif. Still pretty accurate to my feelings about everyday life. Fun fact, I was in the Supernatural fandom for a while, so I was actually able to appreciate the source gif too. I stopped watching shortly after that episode though, because who the fuck has time for Supernatural?

7. What's best, sunrise or sunset?
Sunset. Sunrise is way too bright, and comes at a time when I would rather be dead or catatonic or anything rather than awake.

8. Do you sleep with your windows and doors closed?
Yup. We don't live in the best neighborhood. But honestly, I just prefer privacy and quiet.

9. Socks? No socks?
Sandals AND socks, my friend. But usually no socks

10. Share your awesome music. I like learning about new songs.
Ghosts by The Presets
#88 by Lo-Fang
Black Eyes by Radical Face
Devil's Work by Miike Snow
Amenamy by Purity Ring
Zoan Zound by Infected Mushroom. You'd probably like their stuff the best

11. Do share your senpais too! Your favorite artists.
It'll be hard to cover them all, but I'll try. I'm taking 'senpai' in its loosest terms to mean 'people I totally admire and want to draw like someday'

I really don't like tagging people for these sorts of things because I don't want to bother the artists, but I don't think I've ever done a proper rundown of all the artists I like on here so .... once should be okay, right?

12. Are you afraid of the dark?
Terrified. Darkness always feels physical to me, like a wall or a chasm. I also have terrible eyesight so when the lights are off it just looks like millions of flies are buzzing around all the time.

Questions for You:

1. To you, what does education symbolize? Is it a spiritually necessary part of life, or just a means to making a living?
2. What are some of your favorite novels? Comics and movies are fine too.
3. Out of the projects you've worked on as an artist, which one meant the most to you and why?
4. What is your dream?
5. Have you ever been travelling? What was your favorite trip?
6. Is there a language you want to learn/have been learning?
7. To you, what is the best thing about your home country? What's the worst thing?
8. Which moral virtue is most important to you?
9. Do you have a favorite figure of speech/saying?
10. What's a passion you have other than art?
11. Has DA been good to you?
12. What's an artistic medium you want to get better at?

1. UltraLiThematic
2. orribu
3. clownsick
4. Deer-Head
5. bradykettle
6. idaida-art
7. aianeart
8. Luska-chan

That's all the tags I got in me, I think. Feel free to answer the questions, but don't be pressured. 


JessenoSabaku's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Jess here. A lot of things have changed over the years since I've started on DA. I've met a lot of wonderful people whom I admire, and have improved at least a little bit (or so I like to think). I will always strive to become better at art, and to always value learning new things.
To all of my friends, thank you for supporting me. I'm sorry my updates are infrequent and that I don't always comment on your posts. My extremely late New Year's resolution is to work on that. And to anyone new to my channel, I hope you can find something in my works worth enjoying.

I love you all, and I do non-profit commissions.
Updates are slow. Deadlines might be missed.
Please take care of me.



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