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Red Giraffe - Handmade Dream Catcher by camelopardalisinblue

I think ten dollars would be a fair price. Especially considering it's hand-made. Though one thing I'd like to ask--is there any signif...

1. Nothing that I can think of should be added or tweaked. Perhaps in the first paragraph, a very very brief and still vague indication...


Fight Today to Live Tomorrow by JessenoSabaku
Fight Today to Live Tomorrow
A-EVE knows. A-EVE sees. A-EVE has a sensitive hearing condition so please be quiet and don't blow his eardrums out.
This is a drawing I finished a long time ago for UltraLiThematic, of her character Adam. He's a super cool announcer dude who, when he's not leading a rebellion, is doing commentary for baseball games on his days off. The Boston Red Sox like him particularly, but they just wish he would stop encouraging the crowd to create chaos. It's hard to play baseball when people are throwing cans and hot dogs at you.

Happy Halloweeny, Li! Hopefully will be doing A-EVE in the future.
Check out more about Li's character here:

Venomous Voice

Link because for some reason thumbs aren't working.

Big thanks to my friend mivaldi who did the editing for the text and image transparency. Cause I can't do none of that.
Dear Corazon - Luffy x Law - 02 by JessenoSabaku
Dear Corazon - Luffy x Law - 02
The second part of the little trading arrangement I had with Deer-Head! This one turned out ... better than the other one, maybe? Hey, at least I got a little bit of sick, twisted humor in there. And I finally got to draw Law being carried like a sack of potatoes ... in an awkward shot and pose ...

Hoping you like this one, Deer-Head.

Done with watercolors, colored pencils, and manga pens.
Butt-Buddies - Luffy x Bellamy - 01 by JessenoSabaku
Butt-Buddies - Luffy x Bellamy - 01
Part of a little trading arrangement between Deer-Head and I. She asked for Luffy x Bellamy, and I did a couple extra drawings for her too, but somehow those extras ended up looking better?! Oh, well. This drawing may be a little pitiful, but hopefully it'll be worth her wait.

Done with watercolors and colored pencils. Obviously I'm not claiming anything in One Piece belongs to me.
Long live Oda.
It isn't the same by JessenoSabaku
It isn't the same
It figured, that after all the fuss and hooplah made, that when Nodoka finally conceded his life to Nagi, he would become just a phantom. A creature that could only communicate by clicks and hisses, could only comprehend the basest and simplest forms of emotion--great happiness, great sadness, no in-between.

Or at least, that should have been how it was. But when Nodoka's feet disappeared and his skin turned black, his mask grew in broken and twisted. His arms turned white as snow, like a rabbit's fur, and his eyes a blank, unseeing crimson. When all the phantoms played together, he hung back quietly. He never said a word, as if he knew the sudden limitation of his speech, and resisted it. Watching his brothers in silence, a smile or two was his method of communication. Most days, Nagi didn't think much about it--he had much more pressing matters to attend to.

But on nights like these, when they were all slinking back home across wide, desolate plains, returning home from a job well done, that he wondered. Nodoka sat on a small cluster of stones, propped up by an arm, looking out over the town they'd just cleanly swept with Corruption. It was only his third week of being Corrupted, and he still hadn't said a word to anyone. Nagi approached from behind and put a hand on his shoulder.

"So?" he asked, and Nodoka looked up slowly. "You haven't told me yet. How are you liking your new life?"

Nodoka merely stared at his brother dumbly. The thought suddenly crossed Nagi's mind that maybe Nodoka had lost all his competence; after all, that competence was what summoned sharp, quick responses from the other man before. It was his deep thinking, disguised behind the mask of a fool, that had bridged the gap between them and made them friends in the first place. Panic and sorrow flared in Nagi's heart.

Nodoka looked back over the town they'd just run through, watching darkness overtake everything. He seemed to have shifted his attention, forgotten that he'd been asked a question.

Then, a gurgling sound, and a raspy tone came through his lips:

"Happiness ... isn't the same." His throat gurgled again, his words whispered and weak. "After turning ... I realized I already had what I needed. That's ... left behind ... now."

Nagi was silent, not daring to look at his friend. Memories flashed behind his emerald eyes, fragments of their heated arguments and laughs shared glittering like fading stars.

"Do you regret it?" he asked.

With a sigh, Nodoka slowly raised himself to his feet, standing at full height for the first time since he'd become part of the family. He turned and gave Nagi a small smile, more gentle than Nagi had ever seen. But that smile was also slightly admonishing, like a parent would scold a child. "What's the point ... in that? My decisions ... are my own. Who would regret freedom?"

He walked past Nagi, having nothing left to say. The latter remained standing there, watching Nodoka's back as he strolled to meet the others.

The next day, that warped mask shifted and mended itself, covering the red eyes beneath forever. Nodoka's voice returned, strong, in the same clicks and hisses as his brothers and sisters. His white hands became dyed with an irremovable black. He played and smiled all the time. He was both gone, and he was still there. But he was never the same.


DONE FOR :devorribu's CONTEST!
Sorry for shitty quality, but I couldn't get to a scanner fast enough, and the picture was too big to scan on my printer, so I had to take a photo of it.
There's not much time left for the contest at all, but I'll link it anyway!

 Corrupted Cute Train: You Will be Assimilated.

Is this piece sad, or is it not?! I'll leave that up to orribu to decide!
Happy birthday to Destiny~!! You ultimate being, you
Philosophy of Law (Trafalgar) by JessenoSabaku
Philosophy of Law (Trafalgar)
 So, I have a course this semester called Philosophy of Law, which started up right as the Dressrosa arc started picking up speed. Some days it's all I can do to concentrate on my notes and not draw funny pictures of Law. I fight and fight to resist, and have always met with success.

until today.

Here Law and Kidd are talking about two different theories of law. Law is contesting originalism, which says the law should be decided by whatever the original law's specific intent is, and nothing more--reparations and adjustments can only be made afterward outside court cases. But the problem with that theory is that you can't fully know the law-makers original intention, especially if it's a law from a long time ago. And even then, you must also consider the intentions of the adopters of the law, which is an interpretation of what the law-makers intended, and therefore suboriginal. 

And Kidd is talking about legal realism, which is the school of thought that every law is a rule that is decided by nothing but what a judge decides about a case. The judge then goes back to try and justify his decision, but the law still stands that what he's ruled usually has absolute authority. This is an example of law after the fact, or ex-post facto. Which I'm pretty sure Kidd would consider Marine bull shit.

why are they children? ... I dunno, I was just thinking too much about kid Law from the last chapter and I felt I had to make Kidd's age match his.
Hey everyone! I'm hoping to get some money coming in soon with a few side projects I've been working on, and redbubble, and so on. I'm also racking up things I want for Christmas (because we should all start planning for that in advance, to make the best choices~)

I often keep a list of people that I want to commission next, mostly people I've never commissioned or haven't in a while. Here are the next people on my list:


Please commission these people! They're wonderful and have cheap commission options open!


This isn't a charity-drive or a pity-party for you--I just really want to support all my amazing artist friends, and if you aren't on the list, it probably just means I haven't realized you have commissions open! I am looking for all skill levels, black and white or color--whatever you do, I want to be a part of it. And if you want to recommend a friend I don't know, that's great too! Have at it!


Stop Kissing My Sister:Book I by IFreischutz

Thanks to UltraLiThematic and some fan-art she did, I learned about this wonderful comic. I believe it's the only anthro comic I've ever found myself passionate about. Well-written, hilarious, and yet filled with drama and serious feelings you can relate to, it's a perfect blend of fantasy, animalistic nature, and human emotion. Please go read the comic and support the artist if you like.

ALSO, DEER-HEAD'S GOT COMMISSIONS OPEN STILL, YOU GUYS. PLEASE CHECK OUT HER JOURNAL HERE AND CONTRIBUTE SOME WAY IF YOU CAN. And orribu is selling a cute little artbook, so TwistedFates friends go check dat sheet out!

things that help me make money `*`I'm tryin really hard to make some cash, but if you're not able to buy things from me I completely understand. I can't really buy things from people either :'v But if you could help me spread the word about my commissions or somethin, I'd really appreciate it
I have commissions open!

I can do cool things like this and stuff

I also have an online store with a lot of cool prints!…
I've got a lot of rad things on there like these----

I make Adoptables!
Ponchobi Adopts 7: Autumn Set(OPEN) by Deer-Head
Orribu's Art Book vol.1 by orribu

(Who am I kidding no one keeps tracks of my journals anyway except for the people I just promoted hurr)

Hope your days are always joyful.


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
(Pixel icon by orribu.)

Jess here. I'm not important, and my art sucks, so pay no attention to me.
However, if you DO somehow sneak a peek at my work out of the corner of your eye ... please note that mostly I do only hand-drawn and inked sketches, and upload them directly without much editing. If you see anything colored, it's probably just an accident.
I love anime, manga, cosplay, and the moonlight shining off a bald man's head. I'm also an ouji-con. According to my friends, I'm a dangerous womanizer and I get all the bitzies, so don't fall for me~. *Wink*
I'm considering learning watercolor or metallic-pens for coloring this year. Might give my art a little pop without need for digital editing. Anyone wanna be my sensei~? ... Didn't think soooo~.

I love you all, and I do non-profit commissions.
Updates are slow. Deadlines might be missed.
Please take care of me.

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