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Red Giraffe - Handmade Dream Catcher by camelopardalisinblue

I think ten dollars would be a fair price. Especially considering it's hand-made. Though one thing I'd like to ask--is there any signif...

1. Nothing that I can think of should be added or tweaked. Perhaps in the first paragraph, a very very brief and still vague indication...

I swear I'm actually really close to getting new art posts up, guys. I just want to scan everything in a batch so I have to finish some other pieces first.
So the purpose of this journal entry is to show you an awesome writing collab I did with one of the writers I admire the most, Copperfrost. We did a little escaping-from-home piece together that you should totally check out here:

fly away homeI climb the spire of this half-dead church,
Hearing the silence for miles.
Every stray voice like a bullet hole
Puncturing my dreams as they spill out over this rooftop
Like the anxious sweat on my skin.
There is white noise out there somewhere,
Crackling in far-off city lights like a hundred bright stars.
How far would my hands have to reach
To pull that static skyline towards me?
sometimes that silence threatens to suffocate me,
stuffing high school boyfriends and prom night outfits
down my throat with abandon; there is not
enough noise in all of new york to drown out
the deafening leaky-faucet of what could be
if only, if only, if only
that seemingly innocent dream of skipping town
has been dirtied by my wretched fingers, clinging
to the desperate hope that dirt roads and farmer boys
and bad country music isn't all the world
has to offer to my greedy little hands

My brothers, we live in the throes of consternation.
We choke down the small talk and the people we've known for y

Copperfrost wrote amazingly as always, he could get mad money with this work (#NewRobertFrost)

Also, commissions still open! I know not a lot of my friends who actually read these journals have much money to spare, so even if you can't commission me I'd be happy to take requests. I'll soon be working on crappy t-shirts for UltraLiThematic and orribu as well, so if there's a certain character you guys want me to draw for the tee or a certain style, you better let me know now!


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Iris (Jess)
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
(Pixel icon by orribu.)

Jess here. I'm not important, and my art sucks, so pay no attention to me.
However, if you DO somehow sneak a peek at my work out of the corner of your eye ... please note that mostly I do only hand-drawn and inked sketches, and upload them directly without much editing. If you see anything colored, it's probably just an accident.
I love anime, manga, cosplay, and the moonlight shining off a bald man's head. I'm also an ouji-con. According to my friends, I'm a dangerous womanizer and I get all the bitzies, so don't fall for me~. *Wink*
I'm considering learning watercolor or metallic-pens for coloring this year. Might give my art a little pop without need for digital editing. Anyone wanna be my sensei~? ... Didn't think soooo~.

I love you all, and I do non-profit commissions.
Updates are slow. Deadlines might be missed.
Please take care of me.

Hoping to soon sell fan-art prints, so I gotta get serious about my fan-art! Tell me which character I should draw next. 

1 deviant said Sanji (One Piece)
1 deviant said Jiraiya (Naruto)
1 deviant said Gajeel (Fairy Tail)
1 deviant said Archer (Fate/Stay Night)
1 deviant said Other (please comment)
1 deviant said I don't know who the f%&k these characters are
No deviants said Kyouko (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica)
No deviants said Brook (One Piece)
No deviants said Ikkaku (Bleach)
No deviants said Rider (Fate/Zero)


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